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Albert Raty

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Albert Raty (1889-1970) - Synopsis

Albert Raty was born in Bouillon, in the Ardenne on the 17th of August 1889. Very early on his mother discovers that he his deaf. At the age of 5, young Albert is sent to the institute for Deaf, Dumb and Blind in Brussels.
It is in this environment that the child’s artistic destiny will take root. His very thorough training will open for him the gates of the Académie Ernest Blanc-Garin in Brussels and the Grande Chaumière in Paris.
He exile to Troyes during the First World War is the key to his maturity and the mastery of his drawing technique. He is attracted to the light of Brittany and his many journeys awaken in him a very strong sense of observation.

A true representative of the Ardenne, his paintings reflect the colours of his homeland. Landscape artist and stroryteller, he bears witness to local rural life. But he is also a sharp portraitist and subtle caricaturist.

Although trapped in the silence of his deafness, he is endowed with a great sense of communication and humour. His life and work are inseparable. The film shows this story and draws the spectator into a series of powerful emotions. Albert Raty dies in Vresse-sur-Semois on 17th of May 1970.

Michèle Douffet

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Technical details

Production : Jacques Bougnet
Director : Michèle Douffet
Camera : Antoine-Marie Meert
Shots in the Virton Museum by Jacques Posquin
Sound :Alain Sironval
Film editor : France Duez
Sound editor : Gervaise Demeure
Original score : Luc Henrion
Mixer : Mathieu Cox
Special effects : Patrick d’Artois, Julien Ducenne, Patrick Neys
Documentaire 52mn
Image 16/9
Stéréo 2.0 Dolby digital 5.1
Français, Nederlands, English

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